Raytheon Offers Career Coaching Support for Service Members Transitioning from Military Life to the Workforce

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Nearly two-thirds of new veterans say they faced a challenging transition back to civilian life, with a job search serving as a prominent source of anxiety. May 9, 2019, 10 Fort Sill veterans gathered at the USO Pathfinder center to solve this very issue. The Employment Readiness Workshop, in partnership with Raytheon, offered Fort Sill service members and their families a day dedicated to career advice, resume reviews and mock interviews.

In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of this workshop, five Raytheon employees, who are veterans themselves, were on hand to provide guidance. This veteran mentorship serves an important purpose. Sixty-four percent of soldiers who served in combat feel disconnected from civilian life, which can lead to discomfort when speaking with non-veteran people of authority. Raytheon employees relate to these servicemen’s experiences and can provide tangible advice that will help ease the shift to a civilian workforce mindset.

“Working and living near Fort Sill, it is clear that this tight-knit community prioritizes the support of servicemen, veterans and their families,” said Curtis Yeager, senior technical engineer at Raytheon. “The Employment Readiness Workshop program is crucial to the continued success of military families post-service, and it is a privilege to do a little to help with the necessary skills and confidence to thrive in the civilian workforce.”

Other employment workshops tend to focus solely on interviewing, but the transition for a veteran extends well past the initial hiring process. Navigating the civilian workforce can be difficult for a variety of reasons, given the stark difference in workplace norms that exist in civilian and military cultures.

For instance, in the military, a soldier is promoted when his or her commanding officer deems them ready, and there is no negotiation process. Given this strong hierarchical structure, veterans often find it difficult to advocate for promotions in the workplace. By focusing on long-term issues that veterans may not consider in the interview process, and ensuring that Raytheon employees are available for mentorship beyond the event, the Employment Readiness Workshops arms our veterans with the necessary skill sets that will support them throughout their entire career.

“Raytheon hosted an informative, engaging workshop for our transitioning service members. The feedback was very positive and I personally heard several say they learned something new,” said Jennifer Kirby, Senior Director, USO Oklahoma.

From sharing interview tips, to specific career advice and the development of lifelong mentorships, this workshop sets a strong foundation for veteran success - from initial hiring to their retirement. As the USO Pathfinder program continues to help veterans identify and act upon their personal and professional goals, partnerships with community partners like Raytheon will positively benefit all members of the Fort Sill community.

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