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This past week the Marines have been pretty busy with classes and training, so when we heard they “wouldn’t say no” to some non-traditional chow, USO Ft Sill answered the call!

One of our volunteers, the spouse of a Marine, was helping out at our SuperBowl party Sunday night and asked if she could take some of our leftovers over to the Marines. We of course could not say yes fast enough and quickly realized that late night feedings would be enthusiastically welcomed by the Marines anytime… So we took that as a challenge to see how much “spoiling” we could get away with! Sunday and Monday we brought over some sub sandwiches with all the fixings and cupcakes; while Tuesday was Nacho night, featuring chili AND cheese! We brought it all over late in the evening so we could make sure to treat the late-night guys as well as just those looking for a late-night “snack”. The Marines don’t often allow themselves to be spoiled, so we couldn’t not take the hint of “they wouldn’t say no”!

Needless to say, they were not only excited, but thankful as well, and we look forward to future surprise food deliveries!

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