Black Knights vs. Sooners!

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This past weekend, USO Oklahoma was invited out to Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma’s Sooners. We rolled up early Saturday morning to set up and ensure we were good to go for some of the very first arrivals, our soldiers from Ft Sill! Having come over from Ft Sill to accompany some of the artillery that comprised the static displays, the soldiers were excited to see some familiar faces, and dove right in to some nachos and cold beverages. Soon enough, OU’s ROTC cadets joined us, just in time for some fresh pizza from Papa John’s to be delivered - needless to say, it didn’t last long once word got out! We had a couple of exciting visitors stop by to see us, including the Ft Sill Commanding General, MG Shoffner, and the Under Secretary of the Army, Mr. Ryan McCarthy. The soldiers and cadets all had a blast playing cornhole, before some of our own Ft Sill soldiers headed in to the stadium to watch the game. Overall we had a long and busy day - but holy cow was it exciting! We served over 300 folks total and all 30 pizzas, 450 drinks and 150 oz of queso helped fill everyone up and put smiles on all of their faces!

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