Brunching at the USO: Chicken and Waffles

On Saturday, March 25th, New York Life Insurance brought by some Chik-Fil-A Minis, fresh fruit and waffle mix to help us do what we do best - feed our service members and their families!

Our volunteers got here bright and early to start cooking some fresh waffles and at 1045 families started trickling in for brunch. They patiently waited until 1100 when food was officially served and then started down the “path of goodness”… Waffles, then toppings, then fruit, then chicken!

Folks lined up to get their fill, then had a seat and spent some time connecting both with their own families and with others. Even when the chicken ran out, the waffles continued to be devoured until we eventually ran out… Luckily everyone had run out of room by then!

Come join us on Saturday mornings for brunch, starting at 1100 and lasting until at least 1200.

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