Soldiers Receive Warm Deployment Sendoff from USO

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Participating in deployments and deployment support is not a new activity for USO Oklahoma. Fort Sill is the home of two FORSCOMM brigades and we consider it a great opportunity to serve our deploying Soldiers and their families waiting for their return.

However, the deployment of the 31st ADA HHB was a little different. In planning the support for this deployment the decision was made it would be a great idea for the Soldiers to deploy from the USO Center, not the motor pool. USO Oklahoma provided breakfast to the deploying soldiers and their families while they waited for the buses to pull up to take them to their destination overseas.

Families were able to spend time together in our “home like” atmosphere and enjoy the space to themselves.

After the final formation, the deploying soldiers loaded the buses and USO volunteers were at the bus doors giving each soldier a USO hygiene and snack kit for their deployment travel.

From the USO front yard, USO volunteers and staff stood alongside the families and friends waiving to the deploying soldiers as their buses pulled away.

It was our honor to be the last place of “home” for these soldiers.

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